Joylive has participated in over 500 transportation projects in 200 cities and is playing an important role in servicing China's urbanization process. Product and service networks have covered more than 50 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, Africa and etc.

gallery/joylive elevators in nz 01 w

Crown Plaza Hotel, Christchurch, New Zealand   5 Units

gallery/lahor hotel 11 units pakistan

Lahor Hotel - Pakistan      11 Units

gallery/german pavilion of expo 2010 joylive.lift
gallery/shenzhen university joylive.lift
gallery/suzhou yigu international shopping center
gallery/suzhou xinbo community
gallery/henan pingdingshan shengshi evelyn garden
gallery/pharmaceutical city
gallery/wuxi lingshan palace the world buddhist forum

German Pavilion of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

Shenzhen Uniuversity      6 Units

Suzhou Yigu International Shopping Center

Suzhou Xinbo Community

Henan Pingdingshan Shengshi Evelyn Garden

Taizhou Pharmaceutical City

Wuxi Lingshan Palace the World Buddhist Forum

gallery/crowne plaza hotel openning
gallery/agung sedayu indonesia
gallery/bejing new world 60 units
gallery/desa hill villa lift malaysia 120 units
gallery/hitachi  engineering construction company 14 units
gallery/baotou beiliang garden 54 units
gallery/guanfu international  haerbin 155 units

Agung Sedayu            Indonesia

Bejing New World        60 units

Baotou Beiliang Garden     54 units

Desa Hill Villa Lift    Malaysia   120 units

Guanfu International  Haerbin     155 units

Hitachi  Engineering Construction Company    14 units

gallery/yiwu international commerce city 63units
gallery/media group lincheng time 18 units

Midea Group Lincheng Time   18 units

Yiwu International Commerce City 63 units

gallery/longmu bay kunshan 164 units
gallery/zhengzhou air port economic comprehensive test zone 84 units

Zhengzhou Air port economic comprehensive Test zone 84 Units

Longmu Bay Kunshan   164 Units