Manufacturing center

In May 2016, Joylive Intelligent Manufacturing Center was put into production, integrating the world’s leading information technology, advanced manufacturing technology, automation technology and artificial intelligence technology to build an intelligent manufacturing center. Relying on information systems such as SPM, EAP, EMP and MES, realize production management visualization, transparency of production process, and become a model enterprise of “machine replaces human”.

Laser cutting flexible production line
It consists of an intelligent automatic stacking magazine, an automatic transport material smart car, a fiber laser cutting machine, an automatic loading and unloading stacking device, and an automatic sorting platform. The production line operation has greatly reduced the labor intensity of manual work and the frequency of use of the train. From the traditional cutting mode to the intelligent automatic cutting mode, the management of the board material library is more accurate and the system docking is intelligent.


Cabin panel production line
It is composed of automatic feeding device, automatic punching machine, precision bending machine and robot, bending, handling, welding, stacking, and boxing production. The production line can be connected with the company's ERP management system in the future, according to the system input instructions. Automatically grab the corresponding material on the line, automatically complete a series of actions such as punching, bending, ribs bonding, welding automatic painting, stacking and so on.

gallery/laboratory of joylive elevator new manufacturing center2

The comprehensive laboratory integrating product development, quality control and service has always placed product quality supervision and inspection at the top of its list of tasks. Samples and inspections of product components have been carried out on a regular basis, which has improved the company's quality assurance system. While completing the task of component quality inspection, the laboratory also participates in the development of new products to provide experimental evidence for the development of new products.